Environmental Awareness Program

Our environmental awareness programme consists of different lines of action to transmit our passion for nature and to contribute to raise awareness of the impact of our actions. Currently environmental issues are in the public eye, and firmly installed on the government agenda.
Beach cleanups
One of the lines of action we may mention are the regular cleanups of beaches and the lagoon coasts. We celebrate UN world days like the World Environment Day, the World Oceans Day and the World Wetlands Day. Also, we participate every year in the International Coastal Cleanup launched by Ocean Conservancy over 30 years ago, organizing activities in different points of the Uruguayan coast. Children are always our special focus, as the future creators of a better world.
More recently we have begun working upstream of our lagoons, as it is important to make the public aware that actions in areas apparently unrelated to them and to the coast have a great impact on their condition.
Environmental Education
As regards environmental education, the workshops and activities we carry out regularly have been interrupted by the pandemic.
For the past three years we have been implementing summer campaigns on specific issues. In 2018 and 2019 the focus was on plastic pollution, with a campaign on social media on the impact of plastic on our lagoons and coasts and their biodiversity, #NoSeamosBasura (Let’s not be trash).
In 2020 we launched the summer campaign #VeranoSinFiltros (Summer with no filters). Cigarette filters are the second most found plastic waste in our beach cleanups, the first being caps of plastic bottles. This was a useful pilot campaign for raising awareness on the toxicity of cigarette filters, their impact on water and sea life in general, blending strong messages via social media and direct action on the beaches with ashtrays and signs in hotspots like beach bars.

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