Interpretation of natural and cultural assets

Interpretation of natural and cultural assets

One of our short-to-medium term objectives is to set up interpretation centres in our lagoons. The greatest drawback is lack of funding, as they require not only a significant initial investment but also a provision for regular maintenance and updates.

What is the difference between a visitors centre and an interpretation centre?

A visitor centre is a place where information is provided to visitors, via qualified staff or communication pieces (usually brochures). It may be contained in an interpretation centre, but not vice versa.

An interpretation centre is a space that reveals the meaning and relationship of the asset to the visitor who arrives at the tourist site, by means of direct experiences and by applying the principles, qualities and strategies of the discipline (Asset Interpretation). It is usually located at the entrance to the site or at the beginning of a trail, as it presents a synthesis of the cultural or natural assets under conservation (natural reserves, museums, botanical gardens, etc.). In interpretation centres, visitors have the opportunity to receive significant information and experiences arising from the area.


FLC is currently in the process of producing interpretative signage for two of the protected areas, Laguna de Rocha and Laguna Garzón.

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