Interpretation of natural and cultural assets

Interpretation of natural and cultural assets

We develop interpretation centers and visitors centers in collaboration with Fundación Naturaleza para el Futuro.

An interpretation centre is a space that reveals the meaning of an asset and its relationship with the visitor who arrives at the site by means of direct experiences and by applying the principles, qualities and strategies of the discipline (Asset Interpretation). It is usually located at the entrance to the site or at the beginning of a trail, as it presents a synthesis of the cultural or natural assets under conservation (natural reserves, museums, botanical gardens, etc.). In interpretation centres, visitors have the opportunity to receive significant information and experiences arising from the area.

These facilities are at the service of the conservation of natural and cultural assets from a communication standpoint, and not objectives in themselves.

FLC is currently working towards the enhancement of our protected areas through the setup of interpretation centers that contribute to their conservation.

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