Environmental Awareness Program

To transmit our passion for nature and to contribute to raising awareness of the impact of our actions, the Foundation implements several lines of action: environmental education activities, campaigns on specific topics and beach cleanups with relevant talks. We are happy to see that we have contributed to placing environmental issues on the table, both at government level and among our communities and the general public.


Every year, FLC organises activities to celebrate the UN World Days relevant to our objectives, in particular World Environment Day, World Ocean Day and World Wetlands Day. We also join Ocean Conservancy’s International Beach Cleanup, centralised in Uruguay by the National Bureau for the Environment.


The goal is to create awareness, disseminate best practices and draw the attention of the general public and the press towards the issues that threaten our lagoons, their biodiversity and the adjacent land and sea areas.


Our beach cleanups, talks and workshops are intended to generate knowledge of our areas and promote a culture of respect, stewardship and sustainable development.

Environmental education

As regards environmental education, we focus on children and youths as bearers and replicators of knowledge. The workshops and activities we usually carry out are limited due to the pandemic, and we hope to restart them soon.


In the meantime, we have been conducting workshops and talks via zoom, particularly on birdlife and bird conservation. Birdwatching activities will restart soon, with very limited attendance.


For more information on the available workshops and activities, please clic here: https://lagunascosteras.org.uy/en/environmental-education/

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