Migratory birds use the grasslands of the coastal lagoons. Livestock management is the main tool we depend on to preserve adequate habitat conditions for these species.

We have created a network of livestock producers of the lagoons, with whom we work closely to perfect and implement Best Management Practices. We aim both at preservation and adequate productive performance.

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What we are doing

Best practices

We engage in participatory design of Best Management Practices for migratory bird habitat management and livestock production.

Work with livestock producers

We offer technical assistance and develop projects with producers to improve management of ranching systems. In addition, we promote alliances between producers and institutions connected with conservation and sustainable production, like the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries and the Plan Agropecuario among others.

Lessons learned

We enable exchanges between producers, academia and other stakeholders by means of social gatherings, workshops and fieldwork.


Our work in numbers


Livestock producers integrate our producer network


Agreements subscribed with producers to implement best management practices


Workshops and field days provided to producers and the community

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