Public Policies and Governance

We promote and in many cases lead and articulate the process of drafting public policies for conservation in the protected areas of Uruguay.
Through our legal team, we propose regulations, support the creation of advisory bodies and take a leading role in the implementation of actions relating to conservation policy.
A few examples:
(a) An ad hoc commission invited our representative to parliament to submit our position on environmental draft laws under evaluation (Law of Urgent Consideration, Coastal Guidelines).
(b) We articulate between civil society and State bodies in the review or generation of land use and management plans in the areas where we carry out our activities.
(c) As active promoters of the creation of the Specific Advisory Commissions for Laguna Garzon and Laguna de Rocha, we became the designated NGO sector representatives to these bodies.
(d) In addition, we promote forums for dialogue among the diverse social actors involved in the protected areas, with the purpose of reaching consensus on different issues; sometimes within the community, others among institutions, others between the community and institutions.
(e) To contribute towards compliance with current regulations, we act before the relevant authorities to inform of any irregularities or violations.
(f) We promote and position topics at the level of departmental, national and international institutions (e.g. through the Congress for Sustainable Tourism in Laguna Garzón, which we co-organised with other institutions).

Eccosur Project

Project: Strengthening governance in the Laguna Garzón Protected Area to further sustainable development
Duration: 9 months
Donor: PNUD
Status: closed
Project Coordinator: Victoria Pereira
Project area: Laguna Garzón Protected Area (Departaments of Maldonado and Rocha)
Project summaryThe project promoted environmental governance in the territory of the Garzón Lagoon protected area by strengthening local communities, with a gender-based perspective, as regards their ability to shape public policies and decision-making on an informed and consensual basis, in order to further sustainable development at the local level.

Current Programmes

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