URUGUAY Coastal lagoons
At the end of 2022 the Foundation published this photobook with exquisite images of the coastal lagoons, as a testimony of and homage to their incredible beauty and diversity.
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Birds of
Eastern Uruguay
In 2017 the Foundation published the 1st edition of this photographic guide of the birds of Eastern Uruguay, a comprehensive body of reference for the birds that inhabit the lagoons’ diverse ecosystems. The 2nd edition was published in 2022.
Photo documentary on Laguna Garzón
In 2022 we published this photo documentary with texts in Spanish, the first of the series “Coastal lagoons”, with photographer Daniel Caselli.

Other Publications and Theses

Published in 2012, this handbook describes the migratory shorebirds of Laguna de Rocha, also found in other coastal lagoons.

The situation of migratory shorebirds throughout the Americas gives cause for grave concerns. This manual also provides guidelines on the best practices for their conservation.

Management Plan for the Laguna de Rocha Protected Area (2016), published by the Ministry for the Environment.

2017 edition of the Red Book, listing the extinct at the regional level, critically endangered and endangered species.

Theses and reports relevant to our areas and activities