Support to Protected Area Management

Support to Protected Area Management

Since the time when Laguna de Rocha stakeholders began to meet to forestall the impacts of human activities on their beautiful lagoon, FLC members have been involved with the National Protected Area System (SNAP). As well as subscribing the inclusion of the Rocha lagoon into SNAP, we provided inputs for its management plan through a technical consultancy document used by the authorities in its design.

Currently the Foundation participates as a voting member of the multipartner Advisory Committee for Laguna de Rocha, and it was instrumental in the approval of an underground power supply system for its fishing village.

FLC also played a decisive role in the creation of the Laguna Garzón multipartner Advisory Committee, in which we also participate as a full voting member. We are also contributing actively towards its Management Plan design, to be approved in 2020.

We also support the protected area directors and staff by regularly carrying out environmental education workshops and awareness-raising activities like cleanups, integrating local communities and empowering community members to become stewards and guardians of their areas.



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