What we do

Conservation and restoration of coastal lagoons
and their land and sea areas

The coast of Uruguay is permanently threatened on several fronts: high-impact investment projects, lack of planning in seaside urbanisation and economic and productive activities which are incompatible with conservation. It also suffers the consequences of plastic pollution. The increased intensity of rains and storms year after year is detrimental to its integrity and a clear sign that firm steps should be taken towards mitigating the effects of climate change.

In our lagoons it is clearly visible that bird populations are decreasing; the depth and currents are changing; fisheries have declined sharply in the past few years; dunes are steadily disappearing and the fragile sandbars are deteriorating, together with native flora (particularly the psamophile scrub). In the ocean urgent measures are also needed to prevent mass extinctions and the potentially devastating consequences of climate change.


Our Foundation interacts with the University of the Republic and competent professionals and experts to generate valid information, which in turn allows us to work with the authorities to promote the passing of the necessary legislation and its implementation. We place a great deal of emphasis on environmental education, working with schoolchildren and youth, as well as colleagues from other civil society organizations, to educate, raise awareness and transform. Our greatest goal is to install the concept that development should be tied to environmental conservation as the guiding principle.

Current Programmes

Migratory Birds
and Livestock

Public Policies
and Governance

Environmental Awareness

and the sea